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Vapor Inifinity Bowl

Vapor Inifiity Heat Management Hookah Bowl

Vapor Infinity Hookah Bowl

(Heat Management Hookah System)


Vapor Hookahs, which is known for producing stellar products, has put another notch in their seemingly endless belt of game changing ideas by producing their new Infinity Heat Management System. Vapor Hookahs is releasing their new Infinity Heat Management System as the cure for all weak and fragile traditional bowls. This is the first cube shaped bowl to ever hit the hookah industry and it packs a punch! The cube shaped design was constructed to support even heating and eliminate any harsh smoke or burning. The stainless steel metal incorporated in the cube shaped bowl generates a highly durable product that can be put to the test. The Infinity Heat Management System is designed with six major features to eliminate the normal issues of hookah smoking such as uneven heating, ash falling through the foil, overheated tobacco, and fragile bowls. 

The Vapor Hookahs The Infinity Bowl is the All-In-One hookah bowl and heat management system constructed for the ease of smoking shisha.



Cube Shaped Bowl

Center Spire

Silicone Sleeve

Air Control Vent

Separation Screen

Wind Guard