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TXH Hookah Hose V3Mystique Ice Hose Tip

75" TXH (Texas Hookah) Washable Hookah Hose V3 w/ Mystique Ice Hose Tip V2 Combo


TXH hookah hoses are 75 inches long. The new TXH Hose V3 is a high-end fully washable hose with detachable mouth tip. Texas Hookah Hoses have an elegant handle and a clear acrylic mouthpiece (detachable). The TXH hoses are very wide throughout, allowing for easier and smoother air flow and come in 8 different colors. The detachable tip allows for easy cleaning and for attaching the Mystique Ice Hose Tip V2. The Mystique Ice Hose Tip V2 allows for a magnifying cooling effect like no other! You get a cool refreshing smoke every time!


Blue Hookah Hose Ice TipGreen Hookah Hose Ice TipOrange Hookah Hose Ice TipPink Hookah Hose Ice TipPurple Hookah Hose Ice TipRed Hookah Hose Ice TipWhite Hookah Hose Ice Tip