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SHISHAVAC Complete Hookah Preparation System


The ShishaVac Complete Hookah Preparation System is an innovative, world-class appliance that every hookah aficionado loves to own. This designer, multi-tasking machine allows you to effortlessly start your hookah in seconds, burn natural hookah charcoal neatly and safely and most importantly, effectively clean your hookah hose, which means a cleaner, more fulfilling smoke.



Universal Port Switches - Momentary switches for easy operation. Tapered rubber ports accommodate all hose tip sizes.

Adjustable Starter - Accommodates narghile pipes with varying amounts of water.

400 Watt Electric Coil - Heats up all types of charcoals.

Smoke Filter - Reduces smoke, blocks sparks and traps dust emitted from burning charcoal.

Air Filter - Traps particulates blasted from pipe hose, protecting motor.

Charcoal Basket - High temperature coating and stainless steel to retard corrosion.

Charcoal Igniter Control - Timer knob allows user to adjust burner time to charcoal quantity.

Beeping Notification - Informs user of completed ignition cycle.

Smart LED Icon Displays - Keeps user informed of machine status. Icon lights if surfaces are hot, filters need changing, or if starter or cleaner are on.

Durable Construction - Made of high quality, heat resistant plastic, coated steel and high quality resin.


ShishaVac Video Demonstration Link