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SheeCool Freezable HoseShee Cool Freeze Hose

85" SheeCool Freezable Hookah Hose


The 85 SheeCool Freezable Hose is the newest hose on the market! This is a wide body washable hose that allows for smoke to pass through easily and effortlessly. The SheeCool Freeze hose is designed to unscrew at the handle and extend the handle with freezable extenders. The Freeze hose provides a cool, smooth flowing smoke for the best hookah smoking experience ever!



- 3 Freezable Cartridges Aluminum cover
- Chromed Tip and adapter
- Blister packing
- Aluminum Puncher
- Flexible (Washable) 1.5m+Tip and adapter (non-Chromed)+ Aluminum Handles+Shaft
-Connector (plastic)+Silicon
- 3 Activated carbon Filters Free