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Vapor Savana Acrylic LED Hookah

Savana LED Acrylic Hookah


The Savana Acrylic LED hookah brings a new type of style and standard to the hookah industry without the hassle of proper assembly and the worry of breaking your hookah. This new revolutionary design consists of a practically indestructible acrylic base and an air tight screw on shaft, which means no annoying rubber base grommets that are difficult to put on and take off. Along with this new experience comes a new look. The revolutionary shape of the base allows for a good amount of smoke to build up inside it, the large ceramic bowl gives you plenty of room to pack your flavored tobacco and the heavy-duty shaft ensures a long-lasting life. At the bottom of the base is an insert for LED rechargeable light base to light up the entire acrylic hookah.

The Savana hookah may be converted to a?two hose Hookah by utilizing an extra large hose stem adapters that contain the auto-seal system. The Auto Seal system eliminates the need to use rubber stoppers and flip caps when there are multiple users smoking the Hookah. This Hookah may be used for both decorative and smoking pleasures, providing entertainment for years to come.