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Mya Helix Hookah Blue

14" MYA Saray Helix Hookah


The MYA Saray Helix is a premium hookah that is uniquely designed, made with Bohemian glass, and stands at a height of 14". It is a one hose hookah. Buy your Helix Hookah directly from TexasHookah to ensure you will receive the highest in quality and best in customer service. This hookah is uniquely designed with a beautiful design. The thick bohemian glass base is available in 10 different colors! 

The Helix hookah uses the same tobacco bowl as the Mikro, which is 100% airtight seal to produce the best clouds. The attached metal lid works as a screen, so there is no need to use any foil! This hookah is easy to assemble and easy to clean. This hookah is built to work with one hose.