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Lolli-Tip Candy Flavored Hookah Male Mouth Tips

Lolli-Tip Candy Flavored Hookah Tips

Lolli-Tip Candy Flavored Hookah Male MouthTips


(Candy Hookah Male Mouth Tips)


Lolli-Tips are handmade in the USA with quality juicy hard candy blends. Lolli Tips come in 12 different flavors and help to flavor enhance your hookah smoking. Made for all types of hookah smokers that like sweet, creamy, sour, or minty flavors. These tips are the first of its kind in quality and flavor. Try 1 or all 12 out now!


Lolli-Tip Flavors:

Watermelon Glaze - A full bodied watermelon with a savory twist

Tutti Frutti - A tangy all fruit blend with a tart bite

Golden Guava - A refreshingly smooth crisp guava

Mighty Mint - An invigorating icy mint

Blue Dream - A remastered blend of the exotic blue raspberry

Tropical Punch - A un-matched savory citrus and tropical fusion

Marsh Cake - A creamy blend of marshallow and cake batter

Double Apple - A flavor packed traditional taste with a hint of mint

Melon Dew - A sweet honeydew melon

Lemon Pucker - Nice sour lemon taste

Fuzzy Peach - A refreshing peach taste

Mystery - ??????