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Dream HoseDream Hookah Hose

72" Dream Hookah Hose / D-Hose


The 72in Dream Hose is the newest hose on the market. Dream Hookah is proud to introduce the new one of a kind D-Hose. The D-Hose consist of premium 0.16" thickness glass mouth piece connected to a nontoxic transparent silicone hose that passed a multitude of tests making it one of the cleaniest hose on the market. The end of the hose contains an aluminum connector piece which connects the hose to the hookah. The Dream Hose was designed to ensure premium taste for hookah users. It is easy to clean and no rust to be developed inside the hose.



-It is a 72-inch long hose made from medical-grade Silicon
-Durable, bendable and won’t break under pressure
-Heat resistant up to 600F
-It is also completely washable
-The connectors are made from aluminum to prevent rust
-The glass tip is 4mm thick
-It is compatible with the Mystique Ice Tip.