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17" 1 Hose SheeCool Freezable Hookah

Model: A171SC


SheeCool has an exceptional hookah freezable water tank/vase that provides a long lasting smoking joy. Unlike conventional hookah pipes that lose efficiency and taste after minutes of use SheeCool retains a "smooth" sensational taste with every puff that can last up to 3 hours by "preserving the flavor" 2 times more than the normal Hookah / Shisha water tank.

SheeCool provides you the taste you always anticipated with every puff. Its tough body incorporates an internal vacuity which is filled with a "freezable liquid or gel" that cuts down on burning senses while inhaling the smoke. By placing SheeCool water tank (vase) for a couple of hours in the freezer, the air-flowing from the basin becomes cool and leads to "increase the tobacco and charcoal life time" and to provide "burn-free sensation" during the whole smoking session.